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VIMS Hospitals prides itself on its 24X7, one-stop dispensing service. The urgency and importance of delivering timely and accurate prescription services are what drives us to deliver approved, genuine medicines from leading manufacturers, round the clock.

In addition to providing complete support to all nursing units, operating theatres, ICUs, Cath Labs, and patient beds, our pharmacy also provides prescription products, compounds, and supplies to outpatients.

  • 24-hour pharmacy
  • IV medication
  • Sterile products
  • Emergency medication
  • The computerised system of dispensation, storage, and billing
  • Experienced retail of medicines
  • Large range of medicines
  • Bar code-assisted medication administration
  • Compounding of pharmaceutical preparations
  • All the necessary pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Disposables, surgical, anti-cancer, and lifesaving drugs
  • Appropriate storage under a controlled temperature

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